About me

Hi, my name's Nicole.

I am a wine geek/foodie with a Pharmacy degree from Melbourne, Australia. I also have had quite a long stint as an actor and am currently studying the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma (WSET) and working in the wine industry. I have a creative soul and decided to improve my writing which prompted the creation of this blog- if you do something regularly you will get better over time... I hope! I also need to work on my photographic skills so ....ta dah...you get to join me in that wonky-framed journey too.

This is my little forum for recording my mini-victories (and hopefully the odd major one), talking about my life in the gorgeous city of Melbourne with a focus on positivity and enjoying the little moments. This blog was started in June 2013 as a general lifestyle blog. I have recently started a second blog Champagne and Chips with a much stronger focus on food and wine because that industry is where it appears my life is heading at the moment.

This is my little place to talk about all the things I am passionate about. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to get to know you better :)

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  1. Just dropped by for a good old cyber stalk and felt it would be a bit dirty not to tell you I was here.
    I think I might have a little lady crush on you. And Ted.

    1. Oh thank you. The lady-crush is reciprocated. By me, not Ted. Ted doesn't do crushes, he is all about the bum-wiggling-in-your-face PDA :)

  2. Hello gorgeous lady! I'm Sonia, come through FB thread (Aussie bloggers). Nice to see you. x


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