Thursday, 6 February 2014

Melbourne Now

Every man on his (belated) birthday should be allowed to ride a rhinoceros. And, in Federation Square you can, until the 14th of March. 
We were there to have a brief look at Melbourne Now, a huge exhibition that runs across The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia and the NGV International. The hour or so we spent at The Ian Potter Centre really only provided a taster of what is on offer. So that's what this is, a brief taste to encourage you to get down to the galleries and get your free dose of amazing local artists.

I just love how dynamic these fellows are. Unbelievably they are inflatable! The artist is Christopher Langton.

And the detail.....
I forgot to record the artists for the next three- still getting the hang of this blogging thing :)

I love whimsical art, I always wanted to cover a garden in coloured wool. I still might someday when Ted outgrows his tendency to eat plants.
Look at this exquisite creature, I spent ages staring into his eyes, just waiting for him to blink. The relationship between these two is tender and palpable. Eerily real. The artist is Patricia Piccinini.

A dinner party aftermath where the food and many of the furnishing are made of icing. The artists are a collective known as The Hotham Street Ladies.

Including the carpet and the beer label- all icing. I am not sure why this delights me so much but it does:)
Melbourne Now is running until the 23rd March. There is a great app you can download to plan your trip. Just make sure you check the opening times/days on the website to avoid disappointment.

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