Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Terminus Hotel {Review}

The Terminus Hotel at Clifton Hill (or Fitzroy North- the suburb titles are almost interchangable) is an absolute package deal; craft beers on tap, a really solid local wine list, astoundingly good food (forget gastropub, this is the next level) and the classiest beer garden in Melbourne.

A fairly recent fit-out has seen the drive-through space converted into a very well designed casual beer garden. Even as it fills, and it does fill, the layout avoids the claustrophobic jumble of chairs and noise that tamper the vibe in many a beer garden. The renovation around the craft bar is also very elegant and there is still the option of the original pub-like space on the other side for those that prefer old school. I have to mention the Craftbar menu too- freaking bao at a pub! Be still my beating heart- buns and beer, why have I not tried this yet?

On this occasion we were celebrating a new job so steak was called for. We were organised and booked for the dining room.

Our waitress was delightful. Friendly, efficient and really cute in a delightful country-girl kind of way (except that this is the city so she was even more delightful). We sipped a lovely zesty Dal Zotto Prosecco while we waited- and we didn't have to wait long.

3 steaks were ordered- all pasture-fed (happy cows are grazing cows) and you can choose between hand cut chips or fries.

Dry-aged black Angus rump with pepper sauce and fries

Scotch fillet with garlic butter and hand-cut chips

Eye fillet with bernaise sauce and hand-cut chips.

This was mine and I particularly like the way the thick citrus bernaise was perched atop the steak like a little cupcake (cupsteak..... it could be a thing.....)

The fish special of the day was a seafood marinara- I scored a little taste and it was devine. Full of plump fresh seafood and a lovely, fresh, not too creamy sauce.

A bottle of 2010 Kate Hill, Tasmanian Pinot Noir kept us all very happy too. Another shout out to the waitress who took our wine order at just the right time so that our glasses were charged as our meals arrived.

Now the Terminus is known for its steaks but there is a hidden talent hanging out at the end of the menu- they do some seriously rocking desserts. I was mildly disappointed that the peanut butter parfait I had worshipped last time was not on the menu. I quickly recovered when my chocolate fondant with pistachio anglaise arrived.

The anglaise was frothy and creamy and tasted just like a cloud should (clouds in reality taste fairly dull, like cold steam), the fondant was beautifully gooey in the middle and little chucks of caramelised pistachio added texture, crunch and sweetness to a seriously amazing dessert.

Meanwhile swooning noises were being made over the Peach tart with honey ice cream and almond milk (the pastry was so fine and perfectly crisp).

Summer 'Pot de creme' (stewed fruit and crumble with a delicious custard).

The dessert special- White Chocolate creme brûlée with mango sorbet.....need I say more.

We left very full and delightfully happy.

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