Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Photo Day in May

I am a people-watcher. 
There is a lot you can learn about people (and sometimes yourself) by observing others. I am also a terrible eaves-dropper, in that I am exceptionally good at it but feel bad about snooping (well, a little bit bad). There is a bit of a blog-trend at the moment to do 'a photo an hour' posts where you take a photo of something every hour for a day. That's right, people giving you permission to have a snoop into their life!! Generally they are filled with gorgeous pictures of breakfast in bed and cute dogs frolicking. My life is a bit same-samey to do these posts on a regular basis but I do so enjoy having a little snoop into other people's lives, so I though I might do one a year (or something like that) and have a little snippet of what my life looked like at the time. And because I like rhyming I decided to do this on May made sense at the time.

I set my alarm for 6:10 but hit snooze a few times so it was almost 7 by the time I staggered out of bed.

Ted ready for his walk
Me- getting ready for work, Ted- looking unhappy about the whole situation.
Arriving at work and there is a blanket of dew on the vineyard. Oh vineyard, you flirt!

Arriving at Eynesbury Homestead for a meeting. Built in the 1870s this is considered a historic house in youthful Oz.

A wander around the homestead. This beautiful ceiling and wallpaper was reconditioned a few years ago after the building bacame quite derelict.

A close up because I really like the ceilings

Leaving the meeting- this is the original stable building (now a golf pro-shop)

This is kind of a big deal. I have been agonising over whether to go back to study and do a Diploma in Wine and today I sent off the paperwork! Warning: some exam/study whinges may start to appear in this blog again. Hooray.

The view from my desk

My desk. Black and white makes even the most mundane of images arty right?
PS. I know it looks messy but it is organised chaos OK.

Looked exactly the same as 3pm...

Leaving work. I just love taking pictures of the sky in this little part of the world.

I was driving through peak hour Melbourne, urghh

Arriving in Richmond. I took this photo just before I knocked on the right house number in the wrong street. Richmond is not a happy driving place- terribly confusing.

I found the right street and had a lovely dinner and wine tasting with my beautiful friends. How amazing is it that they managed to crack exactly the same expression at the same moment. And that C's hair is the same colour as the paint in her kitchen!

American carrot cake flavoured m&ms!! R posted these on facebook a few weeks ago and I was so excited by the idea, she saved me some. They were delicious and really did taste like carrot cake. Ahhh America.
carrot cake m&ms seasonal

Driving home though the city

Super tired and getting ready for bed
bathroom selfie tired

Hopefully this time next year I will have conquered the world... or at least conquered cleaning my bathroom mirror, and maybe a new camera :)

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  1. Loved seeing those glimpses into your day :) You look like you have the best job as well!

    And America really does have the best candy.


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