Thursday, 11 December 2014

Taking Stock: November

I wrote my first Taking Stock post at the end of October and I think they may become a thing. October it seems was all about studying. So much has happened since that post was published. My Grandma passed away that week, I launched a new blog, I have had so many wonderful catch ups with old friends, met new ones, drank Champagne on a rooftop in Sydney (yes I keep mentioning that because it is a life highlight :) and had the most wonderful mini-holiday.
sydney harbour bridge, sydney, view, australia

sydney, australia, centrepoint, lamp, view, photography

As we enter the craziness of the Christmas month I'm feeling unusually chilled. We aren't flying 'home' this year because we really do have a new home now in Melbourne. Of course we will miss our families but it is nice to be creating our own little traditions.

So, I am:

Making : Delicious Christmas treats like spiced nuts and striped cheesecakes.
Cooking : Slow-roasted legs of lamb. I know it is completely inappropriate for summer but I have only just discovered how remarkable and easy it is.
Drinking : Wine. So much beautiful wine. Not in large quantities but frequently and I like that.
Reading:Blogs, so many blogs and I just finished "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty, which I loved!
Wanting: More time with my love.
Looking: At the nail polish chipping off my fingernails.
Playing: Yikes, nothing. I am not playing at all and that is a problem.
Deciding: Where to go from here, what to do, how to manage the next step.
Wishing: For some ease.
Enjoying: All the pre-Christmas catchups with friends.

Waiting: For a few peaceful days off.
Liking: Lots of photos on Instagram, especially the ones prompted by #fmsphotoaday
Wondering: If there is an easier way to do all the things.
Loving: Taking photos everyday.
Pondering: Employment
Considering: My options
Watching: The days get longer
Hoping: For just a little more success.
Marvelling: At where life is taking me.
Needing: Balance
Smelling: Beautiful scented candles made by my neighbour (Shadow Moon Creations)
Wearing: Dresses as often as I can. I always dress far too practically so I'm trying to wear more colour and stuff that makes me feel pretty.
Following: Nobody ;)
Noticing: The little things

Knowing: It's time for a change
Thinking: About these prompts, they are so damn difficult :)
Feeling: Tired and energised at the same time.
Admiring: The DIY Christmas trees popping up on the blogosphere and wishing I had the time to make one.
Sorting: Out my finances
Buying: Treats here and there for Christmas day
Getting: There...
Bookmarking: Nothing. If I sat down and tried to read through everything I have bookmarked I would die first. Happy thoughts anonymous :)
Disliking: Driving an hour and a half every day.
Opening: Bags of Rodeo mix. I am freaking addicted to the stuff.
Giggling: Not frequently enough.

Feeling: Overwhelmed
Snacking: On Rodeo mix...
Coveting: A macro lens for my camera.
Wishing: 2015 is a happy one
Helping: Not frequently enough
Hearing: The rain on the roof

sydney, australia, champagne, sydney harbour bridge, rooftop, view

Do you like these kind of posts? I feel quite narcissistic writing them but I enjoy reading other people's so that makes me think it's no quite so bad. If you want to play along, pick three and respond in the comments  N x

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