Monday, 24 November 2014

Such a delightful week

It has been just the most delightful week! I can't even focus on the little moments of happiness because I've been too busy with the big ones :)

Tuesday morning I launched my new blog! For some time I have been pondering the future of Seeking Victory. It is not quite a food blog and I have less focus on wine than what I would like given that wine (and the blog) is such a huge part of my life. I wanted to create a blog that focussed on wine and food and one that I could direct professional contacts to without worrying they would stumble across a post about my dog or breast cancer awareness. So Champagne and Chips was born. I would love you to head over and have a look. Don't worry though, Seeking Victory is here to stay with its usual mish mash of posts on the things I want to say; just there won't be as much food here anymore (I'm sure it will still creep in :)
food blog

Tuesday night was the second Melbourne blogger meetup. You know, it is damn hard to meet new people as an adult. After moving to Melbourne I was so lonely for so long, then I met a little core group through one fabulously staffed but otherwise underwhelming workplace and it was those connections that made me think I could continue a life here in Melbourne. I have recently increased that circle of friends by bullying local bloggers into stepping out from behind their computer screens and hanging out IRL (In Real Life)... ooooo. This was the second meetup I've organised and it was so much fun. These guys are gorgeous, open, generous souls xx

On Wednesday I was invited to a Warner Brothers Christmas promotion. When I accepted the invitation I assumed that it was targeted towards children, which is fine because my inner child is a bit of an outty. As it turned out, Warner Brothers have a lot of products for adults too. I mean what self-respecting grown-up wouldn't be delighted by a super hero ring?

The Middle Earth fans are well looked after too. And if your children have fur, they too can be a super hero.

I so want a Batman outfit for Ted, with his pointy black ears it would be perfect. Sadly he much prefers to be naked. He was so sad when we tried to make him into a reindeer last year :(

In the interests of full disclosure I was not paid to talk about Warner Brothers, it was just a delightful morning so I wanted to. I was however plied with endless cups of tea, sandwiches in the shape of stars and gifted the cutest set of Peter Alexander Wonder Woman pyjamas. All opinions (and enthusiasm for trinkets) remain my own.
Stockists: Superhero jewellery, Lord of the Rings jewellery, Doggie superhero outfits

The rest of the week was filled with wine with girlfriends, enormous slices of pizza, a birthday party for a dear one, huge rolls stuffed to the brim with pulled pork, love, and so much happiness.


Happy Monday.

What was your happiest moment this week?

N x 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Meet...The Girl has Sparke

November spotlight Megan

I want you to meet Megan, she writes over at The Girl has Sparke, one of my favourite Lifestyle blogs with a lovely mix of food-porn, travel, style and posts about her Canberra which make you want to jump on a plane to the nation's capital immediately. I first got to know Megan through her previous blog which was a little more vintage style focussed. Late last year she decided to make a fresh start with The Girl has Sparke and it was a good choice- her gorgeous sunny personality shines through her posts and stunning photographs. One of the things I love most about Megan's blog is her style posts which feature affordable pieces and achievable looks, even for the fashion-challenged individuals like myself.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Happy Monday

It has been such a big week! My grandma's funeral, a lot of family time, flights to and from Brisbane, catching up at work, the final planning stages for a blogger meetup I have happening on Tuesday, working on a new project- just so much going on. It has actually been a very lovely week. The funeral was quite small and simple, just as grandma would have wanted. I managed to slip some funny little stories into the eulogy which I think she would have liked. Seeing my family is always good, even under the circumstances, and my impending aunty status felt very real with my sister in law sporting quite a baby bump (16 weeks along).

Things that made me happy this week:

Monday, 10 November 2014

Happy Monday

I am feeling a bit conquered by the universe lately. I try really hard to focus on the positive things rather than wallow in the bad but I feel like I have had months (and months and months) of swimming upstream. I am exhausted emotionally and I should be exhausted physically except I seem constantly high on a stream of adrenaline. I headed upstairs at 2:30 on Sunday morning purely because I thought I should lie still for a bit. I think I maybe slept two hours.

The upside is that I am often awake to see the sky do amazing things.

3am Saturday morning...