Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fast Food Fave!!

Whilst this isn't a restaurant review blog sometimes I am just going to post stuff about some of my favourite places that you really should try if you are nearby. Tonight it is my go-to fast food New York Minute

Right on a main road and with a very simple cafe fit-out you could be easily forgiven for passing them by. We first tried this place after walking past it on our way to a wine bar and then deciding we should fill our bellies on the way back. Whilst clean and comfortable it isn't super-cosy so we usually get take-away now (unless we are walking past, it isn't somewhere you would necessarily "go out to dinner" to).

Whilst the decor is simple the food is AMAZING and very affordable. Tonight the Bookworm had a New York Mac- this is one of those meals where he tried it once and now can't think about having anything else, it is THAT good (I had it once too I admit and it defeated me, but was very tasty).  I had a beef burger and we shared a large chips.
New York Mac $10

The New York Mac is like a Big Mac on roids, super saucey with their own special sauce
Beef Burger $9

Bacon just makes a burger don't you think, with chutney and cheese and baby spinach instead of lettuce you can't go wrong. I would have like the patty thicker but that is a minor quibble.

Large Chips $5.50
Excellent, crispy (even with takeaway) seasoned chips.

And all this for $24.50.

I have also tried the pulled pork roll with smokey, sweet, tender pork and creamy coleslaw, it is my 'lighter' option (I know that makes no sense but don't destroy my illusion) and the chicken burger which has an impossibly perfect juicy tender chicken breast (I am impressed by anyone that can cook a thick chicken fillet through without over-cooking it) and, yep, bacon. These guys know how to make burgers.

They are open 7 days a week and do breakfast too.

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  1. Oh yum, I love burgers and I definitely agree that bacon can definitely make a burger. I also think the sauce is really important - I hate when a burger doesn't have good sauce or not enough :P

    Thanks for your recs on the puppy situation. We have been keeping a close eye on pet rescue to see if something comes up that suits our lifestyle/backyard - no luck as yet but we are in no rush.

    Definitely wouldnt go to a pet store, I always feel so sad for those little puppies :(

    Our neighbours have two dogs that I think are really bored - they never walk them or play with them so they bark all day so am a little worried that will make our dog barky. Going to talk to a dog trainer about it though before we get anything.

    1. If only all potential dog owners were like you. Good Luck with your puppy hunting.


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