Thursday, 17 October 2013

These are a few of my fa-vour-ite things {October 2013}

"The Sound of Music" was one of my favourite films as a child. I wanted to grow up to be Liesel. Sadly, my hair is red and I didn't reach her height, and I can't sing so well. But I have always loved the song "My Favourite Things", well, all the songs really, but a serious of blog posts about a lonely goatherd (unless I actually knew one and wanted to find a home for some goats) seems less entertaining. I got the idea of a little life summary post from one of my favourite blogs, the very elegant Time After Tea
So, here are a few of my favourite things at the moment:

Afternoon Walks with Ted
I generally enjoy Ted-time but having to squeeze in a walk before or after work, sometimes in the dark, is less exciting. Now that daylight saving has started, we can go for long walks in the afternoon with the last of the lovely warm sunshine.

Fresh Pasta
When I lived in Brisbane and holidayed in Melbourne I would always visit the Queen Vic Markets and wish I could buy up a big range of fresh deli items and cook them up for dinner (not possible in a hotel room). One of the things I would lust over is fresh pasta from the Traditional Pasta Shop. Now I work in the markets I find them less magical but I still have a little buzz of joy when I pick up a bag of my favourite fresh penne pasta and can whip up a fresh tasty dinner in no time at all.

Beautiful Wine Glasses
These are my favourite shaped glasses. I love the slightly more angular bowl and they concentrate the aromas beautifully. The wine bar I used to work in had one set which would be used occasionally for a bottle of Chablis or Sancerre. I have looked everywhere for some of my own but not been able to find the right shape. Then some fell into my lap- I joined a professional organisation a while ago and was supposed to receive some professional sommelier glasses which never arrived. I followed it up a few weeks ago and suddenly these gorgeous creatures appeared.

They are Schott Zwiesel burgundy glasses- but there are a number of glass sizes/types available (Forte range)

Wine in the Afternoon
There is nothing nicer, it makes me feel like I am on holidays. And with daylight saving you can feel like you are having wine in the afternoon when it is actually 6pm.

Cheeky monkey for company

Love these glasses!
Hard to Find
I hate leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute. Also, lugging presents for everyone to Brisbane is a tad stressful so with this amazing little website I can get stuff delivered to my parents house and wrap it there. This website has so many lovely/kooky/interesting things all collected in one spot it saves so much time.

Green Shorts
Lets get this clear from the get-go, I am not fashionable. My wardrobe consists of things from up to 10 years ago (I don't ever really change size). I tend to just buy things I love and keep wearing them, very environmentally friendly. I recently found these super cute shorts on a shopping trip with my mum (at Suzanne Grae- their website is not set up for online shopping) and I just love the colour- more realistic in the second photo.

This post is a little present for myself really. I am hoping that I can keep up with this blogging thing in the long-term and be able to look back at myself over the years.

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  1. Cute shorts! I never throw anything out either, I still wear stuff from years ago.

    Lucky you moving down to Melbourne, I'd love to do that! And yes, wine in the afternoon is pretty awesome :)


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