Monday, 10 February 2014

When tasting notes go horribly wrong

I just have to share this tasting note with you. I have typed this out exactly as it is printed:

Estival 2012- 60% Gewurtztraminer 30% Chradonnay (sic) 10% Moscato Bianco

This obscure Uruguayan blend with and added Alsacian flair denotes Uruguay's traditional winemaking style and the quality of its white wines. Its silky white tones are accentuated by tart passion fruit wrapped in pineapple skins. The floral notes continue to flourish with zucchini flowers sautèed in citrus oils, amplified with an almond cream finish, that matures in ones taste.


It might be something that was lost in translation but "silky white tones accentuated by tart passion fruit and wrapped in pineapple skins" sounds more like some sort of crazy burlesque costume than a wine. And "zucchini flowers sautèed (sic) in citrus oils amplified with an almond cream"- I'm not certain zucchini flowers need amplification, and amplification of what?

Also, they misspelled Chardonnay.

The worst part is that the tasting note actually puts people off. The label is very pretty, customers like a pretty label.....

I watch people pick it up and start to read, then put it back on the shelf. I have to be ready to intercept as soon as the bottle begins to revolve or else it is very hard to resurrect the image of this wine.

It is actually an exceptionally lovely wine, with everything you would expect from a gewurtztraminer- musk, spice and rose petals on the nose but then a surprisingly crisp palate; a little oakyness, stonefruit and citrus with stunning almost briny minerality, great acidity and a long finish (fortunately without any almond cream in sight).

If you see it in the store, you must try it, it is delicious and would be amazing with an enormous bowl of tempura seafood. And have a good chuckle at the description.

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