Friday, 14 March 2014

Half way....

In January I signed up for 100 Happy Days, a project where, for 100 days, you submit a photo of something that made you happy. You can find my initial post here. Well, I am halfway (more than halfway actually) and going strong.

It has been a very interesting exercise and tougher than I thought it might be after that first day of relishing the novelty of it all. It may be because some big stuff has happened- I changed jobs, I had (another) health scare and the Bookworm went back to uni. Some days I was so overwhelmed by the world that trying to find a good moment seemed impossible and exhausting but because I had* to, I did. That is really the essence of the project for me; even on a bad day, most of my problems are very first world and there is always something to be grateful for or a moment of happiness to reflect upon.

Struggletown days

Then there were the good days where there were so many lovely things (and often five or six photos representing the loveliness) that trying to pick just one was a challenge.

More common were the days where I almost planned my happiness- days spent waiting to finish a 10 hour shift so I could sit down with a glass of wine and whatever deliciousness The Bookworm had cooked; or rub my fingers through Ted's neck scruff and laugh at his 'welcome home mum!' body waggle. This felt a bit like cheating. I tried not to focus on the end of the day and allow myself to recognise the little moments of happiness. I often forgot to take photos, which was a good thing, because I had to keep my eye out for the next little moment.

So, there were a few photos of my lunch or a much needed coffee but my favourites have been:

Time spent with friends

My boys

And yes, that photo on the left is Ted turning one of his christmas presents into a slightly iffy shape....

There was not as much cake as I initially thought there would be, in fact there was just the one cake but it did make the happy list twice. There was however a reasonable representation of peanut butter.
There may have been (quite) a few more pics of peanut butter that didn't make the final cut. Mostly because I thought people might unfriend me on Facebook if their newsfeed was jammed with peanut butter.....

* I told you I was a committed soul


  1. i always try and do these challnges and fail so I am pretty impressed you stuck to it! I think its really important to be grateful for something everyday and this is a great way to go about it. Also you are a lady after my own heart - I would have had a lot of photos of wine too :P

    1. Thank you! Up to day 60 now (was a bit slow on the blog post). I am even a bit tempted to keep going but without filling my Facebook n.ewsfeed. I was always a bit sceptical of a 'gratitude journal' or the like but I am starting to see how healthy it is


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