Monday, 8 December 2014

Happy Monday

Isn't this time of year crazy!?! The world shuts done for a whole week at the end of December so we spend the three weeks before seeing everybody we have been meaning to see all year just in case the world ends. Cynicism aside I actually love this time of year for all the catch-ups with friends but I really do not understand why we can't have the same drive to see each other in August...

Anyway it has been another lovely week. I have had a dear one from Brisbane visiting who I have not seen for about four years, ridiculous, I know. That has meant lots of eating out, which you know I really hate ;) as well as time spent showing her my city and rediscovering it for myself.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Making my friend a cheesecake but then making her help me photograph it before we ate any. The life of a food blogger...

:: Deciding to make a slow cooked lamb roast for the first time without a recipe and it turning out perfectly. I used to be very organised with meal planning but lately I have been throwing together shopping lists at the last minute and randomly grabbed a lamb roast to cook for my friend. Last time I made a lamb roast it was a debacle and we ate two hours late so I don't know what I was thinking. Five hours in the slow-cooker (which I remembered to put on at a reasonable hour) and a perfect greek-inspired lemon lamb emerged. Hooray!

:: Being a 'lunching lady'. My friend mentioned that she would like to try Circa, The Prince, because her boss' son is the executive chef. No arguments here. There is something so relaxing and beautiful about a luxurious lunch. You can read my review here.

:: Wandering about the botanic gardens. I said last week that I thought that Sydney was much prettier than Melbourne but I think I've been doing Melbourne wrong. When I stepped out of my routine this week to show S-J around I realised we have plenty of lovely sights here too.

:: Class wine tasting. As part of my Diploma a small group of us get together for practise tastings on a monthly basis. They are professional and there is a lot of very expensive wine being spat out but I am starting to really look forward to them. There is a lovely rapport developing and it is so nice to feel part of something again.

:: Souvlakakia and Bombe Metaxa at Gazi. I love Gazi, I've raved about it before. Naturally we had to take S-J there. This time I insisted we get the Bombe Metaxa for dessert- soft meringue on the outside (flaming as it lands on the table :) ) with chocolate and white chocolate ice cream surrounding a salted caramel chocolate ball which you have to fight over. I won. There is something so delightful about three spoons attacking a mound of decadence.

:: The opening night of The Dutchess, a  new American restaurant and bar above The Duke of Wellington Hotel. Gorgeous food; Flintstonian steaks, lobster mac and cheese and beef cheek to die for, as well as a freaking awesome wine list with a bunch of American options- normally very hard to get US wine in Australia.

:: Listening to a woman telling her giant slathering, snarling chocolate labrador that his behaviour "isn't very nice" as we crossed the street to avoid them. I smirked away until I remembered that I rationalise with Ted all the time. The difference is that Ted understands when I explain to him that "mummy gets cranky if she doesn't have her coffee before your morning walk" and other such gems... ;)

It has been too long since I last did one of these. What made you happy this week?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing week! I love when I have visitors because it's a great excuse to act like a tourist and try things I might not have tried otherwise. I always discover something new when we have company. I laughed so hard about the dog. Lately I've been catching myself saying to my dog very sternly, "That is not acceptable behaviour." Like she gives a shit haha

    1. You never know... maybe they don't do what we say because we aren't speaking nicely. Perhaps we should start saying "Sit please" :)

  2. aww love having visitors :) and + 1 on luxurious lunches, they're second only to luxurious breakfasts :)

    Have a great week!

  3. I love having visitors, it's such a great excuse to be a tourist in my own town. What a wonderful week you've had! Hope this week is a corker too! Enjoy the festive frenzy! x


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