Wednesday, 5 June 2013


So, I am starting a blog.

Nothing unusual really as there are very large numbers of people with a blog, or who start one at least. Also, I am excellent at starting things. I am also not too bad at finishing things but I am relatively hopeless at any kind of long-term continuing-on with things. Still, one must start.

I decided to do this because I am not the sort of person who coasts along in life. I don't really coast along in anything. Definitely not a coaster. I am potentially entering a period of reduced work hours,  stress and increased time for non-work pursuits and I know that unless I give myself things to do that are at least slightly artistic I will spend my time doing random jobs and errands, over-organising the minute details of my life and checking Facebook.

When trying to decide what to do a blog about, the topics that seem to define me at the moment are:

  • Wine- I am a fledgling in the wine industry, my 3rd career path so far. What can I say, I like it. I like working with something that people enjoy, that is part of socialising, that isn't too desperately serious (or at least it doesn't need to be). I like that you can basically take some not terribly tasty grapes and with the right combination of careful squishing and storing of the juice of these grapes turn them into a product that is swooned over, that gives pleasure, that can be worth buckets of money or just act as a social lubricant.

  • Food- I enjoy eating. I used to think everybody did but as it turns out not everybody enjoys it as much as I do. I also enjoy cooking. I thinking that people who just eat for the sake of it (and there are a lot of them out there) can learn the pleasures of good food just as they can learn the pleasures of good wine. This is not going to be a review blog though, unless there is a place I really love, then I might talk about it.

  • Animals- Love animals, always have. Recently adopted a rescue pup, Ted, a border collie x blue heeler (we think) who we thought was now 5 months old, turns out he has all his adult teeth so is more likely 6 1/2 months old. I don't care, he's my little mongrel and I love him to pieces. 

Here is a picture of Ted and The Bookworm when we met him.

He is much bigger now, it has been 6 weeks. Apparently shelter dogs often sprout once they are settled and get onto good food (he is on super-premium) (yes, I am a neurotic, overprotective dog owner).

I originally proposed animal rights as a topic of my blog but then someone at work rightly pointed out that I eat meat, which apparently removes any cred for general animal rights posts but there might be the odd bit about cruelty on here.

  • Lifestyle- I don't even know what this means but I was reading The Londoner's blog post describing her favourite blogs and most of them were a couple of things eg fashion, food plus lifestyle so I figure by including this I can talk about other random things I do. Tah dah.

  • Random bits of Pharmacy- I have been doing Pharmacy for a long time (Career #1) and from time to time I may need to have a rant.
This is my blog. Read it, or don't, it really is for me as much as it is for you. Please comment to your heart's content. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, they are rarely correct or terribly informed but they are opinionated.

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