Monday, 28 April 2014

These are a few of my fa-vour-ite things {Autumn 2014}

Autumn is my favourite season so isolating just a few favourite things has been a bit tricksy but here are the winners.

Haighs chocolate fish 
Regular readers will know how I feel about Haighs. It has become a bit of a tradition for The Bookworm to give me a Haighs chocolate fish for easter. There is a bit of history to this choice- I love chocolate bunnies, but the ears are by far the best bit- easter chocolate does taste better than other chocolate and the ears are absolutely the best bit of the rabbit. Well, the fish is essentially 300g of rabbit ear chocolate.

Here are some make-up free selfies on easter morning in my super fashionable dressing gown. I also just got the PS Express app on my phone so had a bit of a play with it as well.
haighs chocolate fish

Sadly I don't think the dressing gown is available anymore. it was bought at Best & Less in 2002. maybe in a vintage store :)

Autumn in the vineyard
I have talked a bit about the delight I have in living in a city where there is actually a fall (here) but autumn in a vineyard is a whole other level. Of course, I love hanging around vineyards at the best of times but they are extra pretty this time of year.

 I have also become mildly obsessed with taking pictures of the sky.

And this lamp post. It makes me feel like there may be a Narnian fawn about to appear any minute.

Gelato Messina (without the queues)
Now that it is cold in Melbourne, the crowds have FINALLY died down at Gelato Messina. Only nutters eat ice cream when it is 17C. So fellow nutters rejoice!
Look, no crowds, I can finally see the wizards at work...

and see the gelato. Since this place opened in November there has been a queue snaking out onto the street and you basically had to choose your flavours by a quick glimpse at the name tags as they became briefly visible between the bottoms in front of you.

I do like my ice cream unobscured by bottoms.
gelato messina cabinet image

The best ice cream in the world! Seriously.
Also, one of these flavours is aptly named 'Nut Job'- peanut butter, vanilla custard and whipped cream pie gelato. As good as it sounds?
Nope, better!!!

Look how happy this Gelato Messina virgin is.

Pretty Parcel
A few months ago I wrote a post on some of my favourite local little businesses. Featured in the post was the super-talented Ellie from Saturday Lollipop. I follow her facebook page and one day she shared a post from her sister in law's little business, Pretty Parcel.

Shannon's designs are whimsical, gorgeously feminine and just make me smile- beautiful fabrics and all handmade. Eventually, when I am rich and famous, I may wear nothing but Pretty Parcel.

I snapped up this gorgeous little red hood on sale in January and it is finally cold enough to debut it.

pretty parcel red cape

Did I mention it has pom poms

There are not enough pom poms in the world. And just look at this pom pom- the king of pom poms

I had to include this picture because I look like I am enjoying the pom pom so much (because I am)

Ted quite liked the pom pom too.

    Look at that tail

Meanwhile, if you are casting Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, we are ready to step straight in.

My delightful red one is no longer available but there are a range of other gorgeous options on the website.

I love the colour of this 'On the road again cape', and the slightly longer length (with arm slits) would be perfect as winter sets in.  
pretty parcel on the road again cape

You really should 'Like' the facebook page for competitions and sneak peaks.

Speaking of sneak peaks- ever since I saw a tiny part of this dress fabric as a teaser on the facebook page I have been lusting over it.
I may have splashed out and ordered one yesterday...

Oh and did I mention pinafores?

There are not enough pinafores in the world.

Shannon is lovely to deal with too. If you have any questions about measurements or length just flick her a message and she gets right back to you.

Happy Autumn.

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the fish, gelato and clothing. The vineyard time was free though :)


  1. 1. you should not look so damn cute, first thing in the morning in a dressing gown
    2. must get myself a haigs fish - you are so right about the ears but I also love the chunky base too
    3.the dress with the peacock design is stunning - heading over to like the fb page now


    1. I take no responsibility for the number of Pretty Parcel garments that end up in your wardrobe in the next 12 months:)
      Also, it is pretty easy to look cute next to a giant foil-wrapped fish, if that doesn't bring the inner glow out in a girl, nothing will:)
      Photoshop may have helped too...


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