Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Monday

This week I feel very sad for my baby brother. Friday morning I awoke to the news that Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine. There were thirty-six Australian citizens on board and one of them is my brother's friend. My brother has suffered the shocking, unexpected loss of three loved ones in as many months and I can't begin to imagine the sadness in his heart.

I am so grateful, rather selfishly, that my brother wasn't on that plane. He is a jet-setting corporate and whenever there is a disaster my parents can expect an early morning phone call answered with a panicked "Where in the would is D at the moment?"

It seems futile to make a list of half a dozen things that made me happy when there are so many families out there wondering is they can ever be happy again. Much of what happens to us is outside of our control; what we can do is focus on making our own short time on the earth, and that of those whose lives we touch, the best it can be.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Running for the train on Monday morning, and making it! It was a real 'Sliding Doors' moment. I'd prefer nothing else to mirror that film though...(pregnancy, death, short blond hair).
In fact I had very good public transport luck every day this week when I had to travel across town for my teaching block; managing to get connecting trains and trams. I know this sounds terribly mundane, but trust me, in Melbourne it's significant. There is also nothing like a 200m sprint to get the endorphins going of a morning.

:: Noticing this enormous clock in Melbourne Central. I am a bit in love with it but have never noticed it before. On Monday after the 'Sliding Doors' moment, it was gonging (is that a word) its 9 o'clock gongs as I ran through to catch the connecting tram. I got up a bit earlier the next day to take a picture of it.
large clock melbourne central plaza

:: Taking time to look up. It's a pretty little city I live in and I don't enjoy it enough.
apex melbourne central plaza

:: Having the realisation that maybe one of the things I can offer the world is to make others feel better about themselves by admiting my weaknesses/insecurities. As we ploughed through long, incredibly tiring, blind wine tasting sessions in class I was pretty open about my panic that I was all over the place when it came to picking variety and region. The next day a few others told me they were relieved that they weren't the only ones feeling that way. United in noobery! :)

:: Amazing dinner made by The Bookworm. This is what turned up when I requested something low-carb and vegetarian on Thursday night (I usually just stirfry a bit of veg in tamari when I have to cook low carb veg stuff; I believe in potatoes and bread dammit). I think he should be writing the food blog.
low carb vegetarian omelette cheese

:: Getting some absolutely lovely responses from you guys over my last couple of weeks of turmoil. I do feel very privileged to live in a world where it is so easy to connect with people.

Happy Monday.


  1. I'm so sorry for your brother's loss. Like everyone, I was shocked and disbelieving when I read about the plane being shot down, in this day and age it seems so surreal that something like this could happen.

    1. Sometimes it feels like the world hasn't really come very far doesn't it?

  2. Making a train/tram JUST on time really is an amazing feeling. I always do a short victory dance, to the horror/amusement of other passengers! Sorry to hear about your brother's loss, what a tragedy.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's loss. I couldn't quite believe it when I first heard about the crash and my heart really goes out to all of the families and friends of the victims. What a horrible thing to have to go through...

  4. It's just so incredibly awful isn't it. I haven't been able to stop thinking about all of those poor people and their families and friends who will forever miss them. My thoughts go out to your brother. xxx PS - I love Melbourne too and the Melbourne Central clock reminds me of when I was a kid and we would go there a lot!

  5. Sorry this might post twice...
    The more you show me of Melbourne the more blown away I am by it, i had no idea it was so beautiful. And virtual stranger hugs to your brother, such an awful thing. I hope he too can find joyous little bits amidst the tragedy.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Ahhh see blogging= learning :) I had no idea England had beaches so I'm learning a lot from you too.


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