Monday, 28 July 2014

Happy Monday

Thank you universe, this week has been a good'un. The Powers That Be obviously looked over their wine glasses and saw that I needed a bit of a break.
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Things that made me happy this week:

:: This song

OMG! How has it taken me this long to hear it. It was released in 2007 in the movie "Once" and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. But of course you knew that, I am the only noob in the world that hasn't heard it before.

It was played during the 'twist track' in my Body Balance class. I googled the lyrics as I left the gym and played it on YouTube, on repeat, singing along with the harmonies. It triggered something in me and by the time I got to the pet food shop I had big drippy tears running down my face.

One of those cathartic, refreshing crying sessions.

:: A fantastic night of beautiful wine with The Wine Captain. She was invited to try some of the new release wines from the exquisite Abbott & Delauney, and took me along. The winemaker, Laurent, sat with us (I know!!! How cool is that) and I'm going to put it out there that he is one of the most charming, lovely, warm and friendly winemakers in the world! Now I just have to somehow make it to France so I can visit his winery. Please, if you see the Abbott & Delauney wines in a bottle shop near you (the awesome Fourth Wave Wine Partners team have reps on the road in NSW, Vic and Qld so it shouldn't be hard to find) get some and tag me on Twitter when you rave about it :)
I reckon you UKers should be able to pick it up easily enough too.

:: Patented Ted-mum cuddles. When I fist let him inside and he is all wiggly I bend over to give him a rub and he whacks me in the head with his extra-swooshy tail.

:: Ted 'letting' me take a photo of him. It is a challenge, he doesn't like the camera and always makes a velociraptor noise before launching himself at it.
Teddy bear photo IMG_2413_zps6cd4c086.jpg
Yep, those are skeleton feet on the right side of frame there. Edward Skellington's feet to be exact. he lives here too.

:: A night out with one of my most happy-inducing people. One of my besties was in town and we caught up over dinner and the show he is involved with (Go see "Britney Spears: the Cabaret", in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane- it's a roller coaster ride). He makes me so happy. We haven't seen each other since, gosh, the end of 2012, and it was like we had just hung out last week.

:: A sneak peak of the new Condie Viognier as recorded on Twitter:) Rich and textured but fresh and vibrant, just so SO good. It made me feel a little bit important that I got a sneak peak (a sneak slurp really). Full disclosure: I do a bit of casual sales work for Condie Estate but that doesn't stop me from getting really excited about a new wine I love.

:: Cooking dinner for delightful friends that we don't see often enough. So much socialising on school nights this week.

:: Turning up the volume on Sia's new album so I can hear it in my heated office at work (when there are no customers of course, although I did get caught out once). She is out of this world.

:: Ted's joy when he realised he was allowed to clean up the egg that was dropped on the floor. He did such a good job of cleaning it up too. Finally he is pulling his weight. It has taken over a year, multiple 3am wakeup calls, destroyed plants and hundreds of dollars in fake sticks; it has all been worth it.

Happy Monday!


  1. I didn't know that song either, thanks for introducing me! Ted is extra cute! Have a great Monday, deb

    1. While we are on YouTube clips, have you seen Sia's music video for 'Chandalier'. It is WOW.

  2. You should see the stage production of "Once" that's coming to Melbourne in September. It's amazing.

    1. Oooo, I don't normally like musicals but that sounds good.

  3. SO glad you had a better week! I shall make it my mission to find some Abbott & Delauney and gloat my butt off on Twitter.
    And Ted made we weep a tiny cathartic tear of joy!
    M x Life Outside London


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