Monday, 4 August 2014

Happy Monday

Rolling your bottom around on a spiky ball is not the most pleasant way to start the morning, though it does wake you up. My back is sore again. Though really, that is its natural state; the pain free days are the anomalies. On the upside, I am a redhead, which apparently makes me more tolerant to pain than the average Joe (or blond)- there has to be at least one upside to this pesky 'more prone to skin cancer and jokes about orangutans' gene. My osteopath is often a bit impressed when I saunter in with a two-week-old injury and then he discovers how bad it actually is. Hooray, I'm tough! Now I just wish I could quit with old-lady back pain. This time it was sneaky, I woke up with a mild niggle, nothing really, a bit stiff. It has evolved into complete lower back jam (and not the fruity kind). I will however develop abs of steel because I am constantly reminded to suck them in because my stability without switching on the core is bugger-all.

Happy Monday. Injury is such a fun thing to read about isn't it. I apologise, let's get down to the moments.

 photo IMG_2345_zps9d7e4be2.jpg
As it turns out, the pot at the end of my rainbow is a spittoon.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Two days off in a row! Hello world. Now I understand this whole 'weekend' thing you all get so excited about. I have a day off and at the end of it I get to have another day off. This idea has merit.

:: Big glasses of wine. Not lots of wine (although that's nice too), wine served in big glasses so you can swirl away and douse yourself in the aromas without dousing yourself in the wine.

:: 100 blog posts. Ok, I'm actually up to 103 including this one but I didn't realise last Monday that I had hit triple figures.

:: A beautiful new blog design by the very talented (and a joy to work with) Felicity. If you are in the market for a snazzy new blog then check her out.

:: Working in the country. I still get a feeling of quiet relief as I turn off the highway and the horizon is filled with trees. Turning into the driveway at work is pretty lovely too.
 photo IMG_2453_zps92c13399.jpg

:: Those moment when it is freezing outside and you have just driven for an hour in the rain with an aching back and you finally get home to warmth and a wriggling bottom. I'm going to leave that open as to whose bottom was wriggling...

:: Homemade pizza.
 photo 7b0b6d74-9f48-4b31-b711-c24624c8e24f_zpscfb6e39b.jpg
By the way- pepperoni, mint, chilli and buffalo mozzarella is the best topping in the world. Try it. The other one is Nutella, strawberry, apple and ice cream (for calcium).

:: Achieving some study goals. There are still many many hours left to do before my exam in 2 weeks (yikes) but I am slightly more prepared than usual...

What has made you happy this week?


  1. Hooray on 100+ blog post! Also no hooray for injury (tough lady!)

    1. Thank you. You must be up to the 1000 mark though you blogger goddess!
      It is amazing how good spiky massage balls are, I am much improved.

  2. I wanted to comment on so very much of this but I'm stuck on 'ice-cream for calcium'. Majestic.
    Sorry about your gammy back, you have all of my sympathy, mine's a crock too. That and my old lady hip.
    Would it be weird to ask to see the wriggling bum? As long as it's Ted's I'm game!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. You guessed it! The bum is Ted's.
      When I was little my Nona (my Greek godmother) believed that ice cream was good for children. She would argue with my mother (protesting we had had enough sweets for the afternoon) as she dug chocolate coated ice creams out of her enormous freezer. She is a very wise woman and despite being 70 something now, no osteoporosis.....


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