Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy Monday

I am not supposed to be writing this. I am supposed to be studying because I will be very mad at myself if I stuff up my exam next week.While the winemaking stuff rocks my socks off, trellising and soil types bore me to distraction (and I love me a bit of distraction). Let's keep this on track though.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Feeling like I belong. I have been hovering around the edges of the wine industry for a few years, forcing myself to go to industry tastings for the experience and exposure to a whole bunch of wines I will never be able to afford; but hating the awkwardness of not knowing anybody and feeling like a giant (a tiny giant) goofball. Starting the WSET Diploma means I have just met a whole bunch of really cool people so when I went to an enormous, very posh, tasting on Tuesday I knew a bunch of people and I felt much less awkward. Although I did apparently ignore someone I knew because I had my wine-nerd blinkers on.

:: Wandering the streets of Melbourne. I am a bit of a broken record on this topic. My days off are when nobody else has days off and usually involve a mixture of exercise, study, getting jobs done and (ashamedly) surfing social media. Melbourne is such a beautiful city, I love wandering around absorbing the energy but do not do it often enough.
melbourne central station architecture

 photo IMG_2475_zps41ca1c0d.jpg

:: This cake supplies shop! My domestic goddess friend recommended it to me and they have everything you could ever want for baking joy. I feel like this has been the missing link in my truly excellent bakingness (making up new words, just like Shakespeare). Watch out world.
If you are in Melbourne- Port Phillip Arcade off Flinders St is where to go.

 photo IMG_2479_zpsf406fecf.jpg

 photo IMG_2484_zps5c1fef09.jpg

Hmm.... after exams perhaps. I have enough procrastination fodder as it is.

:: Dingo puppies!! Blog post to come.

 photo IMG_2517_zpse1d427f9.jpg

:: Buying gifts. Especially when you can't think of what to get and then exactly the right thing pops into your head AND you know exactly where you can get it from. This happened twice this week.

:: Tagging my Instagram food pics with #mealforameal Find out why 

:: Taking a forbidden little night off. As soon as I finish this I am going to decant a bottle of red, grab two big swirl-worthy glasses and settle down with my love, for homemade chicken pie, followed by the first episode of the new ABC miniseries 'ANZAC Girls' and an enormous bowl of ice cream. I should be studying. But I'm glad I'm not.

Happy Monday

P.S. If you see me hovering around on social media this week you have my complete permission to pop on the caps lock and tell me to GO BACK TO STUDY. Due to the magic of Blogger there is a post ready to go later in the week but otherwise see you on the other side. Wish me luck!


  1. GET BACK TO STUDY...but because life is to short you have permission to swirl whilst you study! X

    1. Too kind. Bring on the subjects about wine (rather than vine) I say!

  2. I love Melbourne too, its got such a charm. I can also relate to the feeling like a loner thing. I had been to a few blogging meet ups and knew nobody, but hey if you keep going.. You're the one who knows everyone! Bec x

  3. I'm crazy late to this party but I guess you're all exammed out now?? Procrastinate away!!
    Hope it all went well
    M x


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