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Meet...The Girl has Sparke

November spotlight Megan

I want you to meet Megan, she writes over at The Girl has Sparke, one of my favourite Lifestyle blogs with a lovely mix of food-porn, travel, style and posts about her Canberra which make you want to jump on a plane to the nation's capital immediately. I first got to know Megan through her previous blog which was a little more vintage style focussed. Late last year she decided to make a fresh start with The Girl has Sparke and it was a good choice- her gorgeous sunny personality shines through her posts and stunning photographs. One of the things I love most about Megan's blog is her style posts which feature affordable pieces and achievable looks, even for the fashion-challenged individuals like myself.

Spotlight post the girl has sparke

I asked her a few questions so you can get to know her a bit better:

You've been blogging since 2009. Wow. I only discovered blogs in 2013:) How do you think the blogging world has changed over the years?

I started blogging when I was studying at university as a creative outlet and have been hooked ever since. I think it is the only hobby I have ever stuck with. The main thing that has changed is how many bloggers there are – it keeps increasing exponentially. It used to be a lot easier to build a community but now you really need to work to build those relationships. Comments on blog posts have also decreased; people are more likely to in engage with you via social media as it is quicker and more convenient. There also seems to be more pressure to not only have good content but good photography, a well-designed website and to be present on social media. Luckily I love instagram so that is one development I am very happy to see :)

If your afternoon suddenly frees up, all your jobs are done, and there is an opportunity for some me-time, how do you spend it?

I am a ridiculous extrovert; I get a lot of my energy and motivation from being surrounded by other people. If I got an afternoon to myself I would probably try and find some friends who are also free to go out for some good food and drinks.

What is the thing you are most proud of?

Wow that is such a good question. I have had to sit here and think about it for a good ten minutes. It probably sounds lame but I am proud of the person I have become – I try and be positive and upbeat as well as friendly and courteous to everyone I meet. I also think I am a committed friend who would do anything for my friends and family. Generally I just try and be someone that people like to be around.

What is the thing you would most like to do or learn?

I really love photography and I want to learn more about using my DSLR properly. I am going to try and teach myself as much as possible and depending on how that goes I might invest in professional lessons after that.

Spotlight post the girl has sparke

You've just returned from an amazing overseas holiday; did you have a favourite place that you long to return to?

Oh my gosh our trip was amazing! I love planning trips, nearly as much as I love actually travelling. We spent three weeks in Europe and three weeks in the UK in July/August. I have to say that Switzerland was my favourite place this time around. We visited the Lavaux Vineyard region on Lake Geneva which is one of the most breath taking places I have ever seen. Though I will always have a soft spot for Paris, it really is an amazing city! I really want to go back to Europe and visit some new places – Iceland, Norway, Spain, Italy and Hungary. I need to start saving again.

Spotlight post the girl has sparke

What is your most memorable food and/or wine experience?

I love, love food! I don’t like cooking that much but boy do I enjoy eating and I have to say a lot of my fondest memories are associated with a good food experience. I have to say one of my favourite restaurants is 86 in Braddon (Canberra). Their food is really modern and creative and the flavours are incredible. They also have a good wine list, the Les Capriades is a favourite. I definitely recommend it if you are ever in Canberra and if you are here invite me to come with you!! 

When I was little I always wanted a treehouse where I could escape from the world and fill with my favourite things. Name five things you would have in your treehouse?

I would still love a treehouse to escape too! Is it sad if I say a laptop? Probably reflects my addiction for all things related to the internet! I would also need a good bottle of wine, a crime/thriller book to get lost in, a fresh mango and comfy bean bag. A place to just chill out sounds pretty good to me.

Spotlight post the girl has sparke
For more from Megan make sure you check out her blog, she also has the most gorgeous Instagram feed.

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