Monday, 23 June 2014

Happy Monday

When I finished the 100 Happy Days project I was in a pretty good place. I had taught myself to seek out or take notice of the happy moments that grace my days and I thought it was something I would continue.

I haven't.

I need to do a bit of a life re-haul. I work 38 hours per week in regular jobs, spend another 9 hours travelling to and from work and I have been spending at least one other day doing freelance wine sales (on one of my days 'off'). I do get two days off but they are split so I never get a weekend. And I work every weekend which puts a big ol' dampener on my social life. I am also studying for my WSET Diploma and sacrificing sleep to spend time working on this blog. Something's gotta give, and I'm not sure what it will be yet. It will not be the blog though- this time is really important to me, and even though it is hard to justify the hours sometimes, it is my art.

This post is a bit of a homage to Cider with Rosie, who does a lovely little recap of her week each Friday, and is a way for me to try to recognise the good things without filling my Facebook feed with #100happy days. Monday is my day off so hopefully as I am finishing my week, and you are starting yours, this might be some inspiration to look for the happy.

Things that made me happy this week:

::Finally getting to try an amazing bakeshop I have been stalking on Twitter and Facebook, Beatrix. The bookworm handed in his final assignment for his Grad cert so I went in to grab a few yummies to have for dessert. I may have gone overboard.
beatrix north melbourne cke brown butter

I also picked up one of their drool-worthy ciabattas to have for lunch.
The orpheus ciabatta beatrix north melbourne
The Orpheus with spiced slow-roasted lamb shoulder, tzatziki, fennel, potato and radicchio salad and toasted almonds.

::Drinking a glass of Champagne and taking the time to make a lasagne to celebrate the end of The Bookworm's semester.

::Arriving home from work late  on Thursday after rescuing one of my workmates from being stranded in the country (flat car battery), to a clean house. But wait, I don't think a normal person can appreciate how significant this is. When I left home Thursday morning there were Ted-bunnies on the floor; that is dust-bunnies of Ted-hair. I am no domestic goddess.

And then this enormous bowl of goodness appeared
We don't believe in portion-control :) And yes, that is my super sexy dressing gown in the most flattering shade of blue.

::Watching the awesome photographer at the wedding (at work) on Saturday night work the crowd like a cabaret performer. He had the littlies so excited that they were doing high-5s to the camera.
Sneaky little snapshot

::Taking the time to read this lovely blog post from Local Milk. Her cake looks amazing, and right up my alley, I LURVE rosewater. I started skimming the story to get to the recipe but then took a moment to appreciate her rich, textural, evocative language. And her photos. Wow.  Just go and have a look. One of my new favourites.

Eating a really damn good blood orange- because it is important to take pleasure in the simplest things
blood orange afternoon tea
Almost pornographic isn't it :)

Happy Monday.


  1. What a lovely post! I'm just about to start #100happydays and this has given me a lot of inspiration of places to look for the little happy moments, thank you, x

    1. You're going to rock 100 Happy Days Cate. Your blog is one of the most joyful little nooks of the internet I have ever seen.


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