Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy Monday

Straight up I need to apologise to those who follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I had a sick day on Friday and seemed to be on social media all day posting very dull updates about my food and snot. Not together, the food and snot, separate updates. Although I did post pictures of custard at one point...

I've just struggled out the other end of my third cold/flu thing in as many months. This time it was a horrendous hayfever hybrid (alliteration was the only literary device I ever really understood at school).

I'm going to keep my introductory rant a little shorter today as I am really supposed to be studying, got my second WSET diploma exam in just 10 days. Yikes!

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Taking a whole day off (on one of my 'weekend' days). I should have been studying but dammit I didn't want to. Instead I had a leisurely gym session; one where I wasn't watching the clock to get to my next appointment, faffed about on Facebook, read some blogs and even a few pages of a book (well, screens of a kindle really). So nice.

:: Getting some supportive comments on my Instagram challenge post. I felt a bit weird posting it because my pictures are very much a work in progress but you were all very nice and helpful :)
I find that putting stuff up here, where people are going to see it, helps motivate me to keep pushing myself.

:: Ted mounting a bush to poo. Yep, you read that correctly, not a typo. I giggle about this every morning when I walk him and have thought to put it here before, but well, should I be talking about poo? As it happens I am, so let's get on with it. Ted likes to find a hedge or even a nice spiky grass plant to poo into. Spiky plants are his favourite spots and watching him try to posture in-between the spines is just the most bizarre thing. I do not understand. What is less funny is when I try to be a good citizen and pick up his poop in a plastic bag. Plastic bags and spiky plants do not mix well my friends.

:: Eating a giant cheese kransky for dinner. Apparently kransky is an Australian term so if that makes nt sense to you, think saveloy or hot dog. I know it's a simple thing. That's what this happiness thing is all about, the simple moments. I normally try to eat a bunch of vegetables at dinner or something healthy which made the cheese kransky such a delightful novelty.

:: Bugs landing on vines. Twice this week I have been faffing about in the vineyard after work, taking photos of vines when a creature has very kindly flown into frame and stayed still long enough for a bit of paparazzi time.

:: Almond croissants for breakfast. My favourite thing. I'm very lucky to have a man that gets up early on a Sunday, before we both have to go to work, to purchase pastries.

What has made you happy this week? Any hot tips for horrendous hayfever?


  1. Good luck with your exam! It's so important to take time out for yourself. The biggest hindrance to productivity is putting too much pressure on yourself. When you walk away from all your responsibilities for a bit and have time to be yourself, you find that the lack of pressure actually makes you *want* to go back and throw your energy into everything you need to do properly. Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to keeping up with you too! <3

    1. You have a really valid point there. It's just finding that line between being the queen of procrastination and taking time out that I struggle with 😊 Good luck for all your end of year stuff too. It can be such a juggling act

    2. "Queen of procrastination" - love it!

  2. We had kranksys the other week and I realised that it had been way too long between them! Years in fact. An a good almond croissant is a thing of beauty indeed :D

    1. It's the simple things isn't it? Simple dinners and breakfast for dinner make me so ridiculously excited (not as excited as The Town Mouse or similar for dinner though :)

  3. I feel your spiky planted poop pain, Pete's only pooping preference is long, prickly plants in which one has to rummage with a ludicrously thin poop bag (me being too cheap to buy the good ones and all). Ouch.
    Almond croissants make every day a good one.
    If you find the holy grail of hayfever cures before the next British Summertime I'll buy you pretty things.
    M x


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