Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wonderbuns {Wonderbao Review}

The world does not need another review of Wonderbao. This will be blog review number 103 on Urbanspoon. However, food porn this good should not be wasted. So I shall make it short and sweet and saucy.

I was a latecomer to the bao, having experienced my first bite into pillowy dough encasing sticky porky sweetness, only about five years ago. I have since attempted to make up for lost time.

We ordered a traditional box (to share) which included:

Choi bao- shitake mushroom, tofu and veggies
vegetarian bao wonderbao melbourne
I haven't had a vegetarian bao before but I'll be back. Really savoury and delicious

Da pork bao- egg, shitake mushroom and chinese sausage
wonderbao melbourne chinese sausage egg
Not my favourite but well seasoned and tasty

Char siu bao- BBQ PORK! The king of the bao in my opinion. I was so excited I forgot to take a picture.

Nai wong bao- egg custard. The Bookworm got stuck into it but I was getting pretty full at this point. I had a taste though and it was not too sweet. 
wonderbao melbourne sweet bao custard

We also had to try these fancy fellas...
wonderbao melbourne roast pork gua bao
and so chowed down a roast pork belly gua bao each.The pork was so rich and tender and dripping with hoisin. These definitely are not healthy but so SO good.

Wonderbao is little more than a hole in the wall with limited eating space. On a fine day you cannot do better than grabbing takeaway (service is super quick), sitting on the lawn in front of the State Library and watching the world go by as you cover yourself in hoi sin sauce.

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  1. I am glad you wrote this review as I love any chance I get to drool over wonderbao! Bec x

  2. Oh my - I've not heard of this and I am now going to spend a good portion of time trying to find out where I can find some of these within the UK. I'm also intrigued by the Australian clouds! Having said that though, my camera isn't the best so it may just be my odd photography skills :P Thanks for commenting! - Tasha xxx

    1. Three little words for you Flesh and Buns I have been drooling over UK food reviews for ages. I don't think they are quite as cheap as our Wonderbao though x

  3. Oh mega mega drools!!!! I love these and any excuse to look at some good photos of yummy food is a good one!


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