Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy Monday

I have been lurgy-lugging again this week. I think perhaps I cursed myself; about three weeks ago I though 'Hey! I haven't been sick all winter, those green smoothies must be working to make me invincible.'

Not so much.

This time round it has been all flu-like with high fevers, aching joints and chest-rattling coughs. I'm pretty sure The Bookworm had influenza but I may have escaped with a very mild version (thank you green smoothies?) or just a man-cold. Either way it has been yuk and what made me particularly miserable is that my few precious days of guilt-free free-time were wasted by blocked-nose disrupted naps, eyes too sensitive to light to do anything exciting or productive and staying warm and still so as not to accidentally cough up a lung. Blergh,

When I am lurgy-lugging I do often think about how fortunate I am, nomatter how bad I feel at the time, that it is just a temporary thing and will pass in a few days. It helps me understand why chronic illness can be so debilitating; not only would you feel crap from the illness itself, but not knowing if you will ever feel good again must take an enormous emotional toll.

I've strayed off the path of Happy Monday a bit here haven't I? What I am trying to say is that my week or so of feeling sick has made me really appreciate my health.

Anyhow, moving on.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Receiving Sweet Swap parcels in the mail! I realise it is a bit boring to keep mentioning this without explaining but there is a post coming next week I promise.

:: Driving to deliver stock on Friday afternoon and shards of light were piercing the clouds. It was so beautiful. I desperately wished I: a) could stop and appreciate it, and b) had a camera that could do it justice.

:: Deciding on the camera I want. I really don't enjoy making technical purchases, I get swept up in reading too many reviews and overwhelming my not-terribly-techy brain. I have been deliberating about which camera to upgrade to for...oh...eight months now and I've finally locked it in which frees up a lot of brain-time. I just need to wait until it comes on sale or something miraculous happens so I can afford it (it's not that expensive but you are talking to the girl that doesn't own a couch).

:: Smelling weekend people. My Ted walk on Saturday morning was beautiful, the sun was out, it was not too cold and the world was in a good mood. So many people were up early, enjoying the weather and smelling delicious as we passed them; freshly showered in their casual clothes. One day I want to be a weekend person too.

:: Giant bowls of chicken curry with cheesy flatbreads made by my love for dinner.

Short and sweet this week.

Do you write a weekly gratitude/happiness post? I would love to read it. Please comment with a link below.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh what camera did you end up choosing? My next big splurge is a Macbook Air but it will have to wait until after christmas at this stage. I have hada cold too for the last few days but I am pretending it is not happening because who has time to be sick?!

    1. Olympus OMD EM10- mirrorless, so super-light but with really good picture-quality. Even got to have a play with one in the store. I am rather hoping I can just win one:) Stalking camera stores for a sale also.


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