Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Monday

It has been a big two weeks since my last Happy Monday post. I think The Sweet Swap was a worthy diversion though (I am linking back the recipes as they become available so keep an eye out - if you want to get your inner child squealing with delight I suggest you make the Musk Sticks). I do enjoy writing my Happy Monday posts though. Do you enjoy reading them? Or are they just self-indulgent and dull? Someone commented the other day that bloggers are narcissistic, which is kind of sitting with me. I think some are, but the vast majority are pretty humble, empathetic individuals just striving to be a part of something- whatever that means for them. I met a whole bunch on Saturday and that is certainly the impression I got. Anyway, feedback appreciated :)

cherry blossom australia spring melbourne

Things that made me happy this week (well, fortnight really):

:: Having a whole day off. How indulgent. I just never seem to manage to do that. Because my 'weekend' is Monday/Tuesday I usually end up filling those days with appointments or needing to go to industry-related stuff which is always on those days. But last week I got up, walked Ted and did nothing much else apart from read and write and cook all day (without taking photos of it) and I felt really good.

:: Trying to make a change in the way I go through life and handle things by taking time out for me. In between all the appointments and commitments I have managed to get out by myself, peacefully, for an hour or so, twice in the past fortnight. It sounds wanky but it is a significant step for me. I found this sign on one of my wanders.

:: Dining alone. As part of the 'taking time out' thing, I went to brunch alone and it was marvellous. Does anybody else feel weird dining out alone? I do, or at least I think that I do until I do it and feel liberated and filmic (just me?), then promptly forget how much I enjoy it and go back to fear and takeaway. I've put this here so I don't forget this time.

:: Ted getting his wag back. In the midst of our human-lurgy, Ted got a bit of a gastro thing and had a few days of a squiffy tummy. It ended up necessitating a Vet-trip and he was soon back to his wiggly-self. He is now eating everything in sight to make up for lost time.

:: Budburst in the vineyard. Oh my, so pretty.

budburst vineyard australia victoria

:: Having a little event I planned go off without a hitch. I'm going to do a post about this soon.

:: A trip to the park with my boys. I am so bad at throwing a ball so The Bookworm does the honours while I try to capture Ted's joy on film a memory card- that doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

Ted rescue dog wild eyes

ted rescue dog cheeky

:: A new camera!!!! After eight months of saving and reading hundreds of camera reviews I saw a good sale and splashed out for an Olympus OMD EM10. Now I have to learn how to use the bugger. I am determined to read the entire (enormous) manual and get it off automatic as soon as possible.
I gave up on trying to win one but if you want to have a go, Fat Mum Slim is giving one away at the moment.

PS. Camera manufacturers, why can't you just call your models something nice and simple like Olympus The Shazza?

What has made you happy this week?


  1. I read an interesting post about bloggers and narcissism recently, but I can't remember for the life of me where it was! The general idea though, came back to the fact that most bloggers can really only talk about what they know and what their experiences are - we tell the story through our lens of life.

    Also, YES! I feel so strange dining out on my own! It feels weird, at best!

    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, and I can't wait to catch up again some time! ♥

    1. Tamsin of Kiki and Tea wrote the one I was referring to I think.

      Ditto. Catch up again soon :)

  2. I often feel quite narcisstic writing a blog but I honestly dont think I am in real life - hold on am I just in denial? Haha but I think you have nailed it - we all just want to be part of the community and to do that you kind of after show who you are and what you are into.

    I always use to be anxious about eating alone but now it is one of my favourite things - I try and do it once a fortnight with a good book which is great company.

    Yay so glad you got your camera - check out youtube for lots of useful how to videos :)

    Definitely agree with Coromon as a character! Have you read the Casual Vacancy? I loved that too - gosh that woman has talent!!

    1. I LOVED 'The Casual Vacancy'. I read a lot of criticism about her having an upperclass view on drug-taking etc, and I guess I may have too but it rang true with my experiences of working with methadone patients over the years. I thought she was sympathetic in her approach to that family and the hardship.

      For the record, you don't come across as narcissistic at all :)

  3. I like the Happy Monday post idea. I don't think it's indulgent, just a positive insight.
    I like the blossoms starting to appear. They're just so lovely I wish they'd hang around a bit longer. You're furry friend is particularly lovely too. Don't they just love time in the park?
    Judging by your list here, I'd say you had a pretty good week!

  4. Cant wait to see your photos with your new camera!!!! So lovely to meet you on the weekend !

  5. I guess the narcissism thing depends on why you're writing, no? I do so love a whopping generalisation though - some bloggers might be narcissistic, some might be the complete opposite. What would that be? Selfless? Humble? I guess it's as narcissistic as phoning up your friend to tell her about your day unless of course you're out there with a shot gun, forcing people to read it. Then you're a narcissistic nutjob.
    Anyhoo, I love Happy Mondays almost as much as I love Ted's face. And that is a wholly unhealthy amount.
    M x
    P.s. happy new camera to you, I'm still saving my socks off.

  6. I have been struggling with the narcissistic blogger idea but I have actively decided to shove that in the back of my mind! Also congratulations on the event - I had an amazing time. Bec x


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