Friday, 5 September 2014

I am, I am trying to be, I am not

I am
Absolutely flogging this idea from the miraculous Michelle at Life Outside London who pinched it from Crumbs in the Bed, who stole it from Dear Mrs Leigh, borrowed from Habitual Homebody who in turn acquired it from Five Sixteenths blog - the instigator. Feel free to keep the thievery going.
Completely besotted with my dog.
Really bad at getting to work on time but good at staying back.
Addicted to Social media.

I am trying to be
A writer
A wine guru
Less envious of other peoples' lives.
Better at relaxing.

I am not
Doing too well at the moment.
Shy and retiring (how The Bookworm described me when we first met- fortunately I didn't kick him to the curb after that). 
Good at saying what I mean. 
Ditzy, although sometimes I pretend to be.
A good daughter.
As tolerant as I should be.

Go on, give me one of each in the comments...



  1. Oooh I've loved getting to know you a bit better!! I am trying to be more patient... and I am not patient lol!! xx

  2. It's always nice to hear some openness on blogs, I love getting to know people a bit better.

    (lovely photo)

    I am passionate
    I am trying to be kinder to myself
    I am not always how I seem

  3. Awesome, I really loved writing this post up! I am... tired from the supermarket trip. I am trying to be... optimistic. I am not... a big fan of editing my photos for my blog.


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