Thursday, 31 July 2014

Arbonne Skincare {Review}

Within a week I had heard about Arbonne from three entirely unrelated people. It seemed to suddenly 'arrive' on the Australian market- although, most likely it did so about 12 months before I heard about it (as it turns out it has been in Australia for seven years...). I am definitely not a beauty guru, beauty blogger or beauty... anything for that matter but I do like to take care of my skin so when The Bookworm's sister in law became a consultant and was offering trial packs I jumped at the chance.

Arbonne skincare RE9 range

That was back in March. I used the products for a week and really liked them. However, I was pretty attached to the skincare range I have been using for years- Australian made and owned, cruelty-free. But my skin does not like Melbourne winters and as the cooler weather set in, and annoying little patches of dermatitis crept their way onto my visage, I decided I didn't want to go down the cortisone path again. There was a special on the the RE9 Advanced (anti-aging range) so I decided to give it a try.

Left to right: Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Toner, Intensive Renewal Serum, Eye Cream, SPF day cream, Night Cream
And document my experiment with some tired, Tuesday-night, make-up free selfies.

This is the before shot

Week 1
It was in the first week that I noticed the biggest difference. The texture of my skin improved considerably. It became firmer and the pores were less noticeable. My skin also felt a lot cleaner, that is the best way of describing it (I promise it was clean before too:)

Week 2
Even though I was bloody tired in this photo the fine lines under my eyes and my (well-developed) frown lines were reduced.

Week 3
Again, rocking the dressing-gown. I like to call it my house coat because I pretty much wear it whenever I am home, over the top of my clothes, to save on heating bills.

Hang on, this post is about beauty, not fashion.

I noticed slightly less wrinkle action. I also got a bit slack this week and skipped the skincare routine a couple of times. The dermatitis tried to take over again but I whacked a dob of the serum on it and it had settled down by the next morning.

I skipped the week 4 selfie because I was hormonal and breaking out and hating the world. Even Arbonne cannot turn off hormones dammit.

Week 5
Again bloody tired but less puffy under the eyes than at the start and with a lovely glow to my skin. Even when I sent the most unattractive selfie to a friend as a joke, she commented on my glowing skin.

Oh OK, you can see it too.
Aren't I pretty?

Sah pretty.

Back to the skincare. It's vegan, no animal testing, no fragrances, no mineral oils, no parabens and all that jazz. It is botanically based but with touch of science to ensure it is absorbed well. They do warn that the range I used can cause some redness due to the vitamin C but even with my fairly sensitive skin I didn't have any real issue; I was maybe slightly pink immediately after use but that is fairly normal for me anyway.

It is really lovely skincare. The cleanser has a slight foaming action which I enjoy, it makes my skin feel squeaky clean without drying it out. The serum is faintly magical and the day cream has an SPF that I don't react to (almost unheard of- how do I have such good skin AND I live in Australia? I stay completely out of the sun).

It is not cheap, but it lasts really well and you only need a baby pea sized amount of the products. I have been using it for about 2 1/2 months now and I still have close to half of the bottles left. It is definitely worth talking to an Arbonne consultant because they have ways and means of getting you value for money plus preferred client membership and discounts.

But how do you access an Arbonne consultant?

Well, the gorgeous Tanya has just set up a business with her friend offering skin care and makeup services in Brisbane at The Body Bank. If you don't live in Brisbane she can still sort you out.

Want a trial pack to see for yourself - just in case you aren't completely sold after my scientific and fact-based case study? :)

Get in touch with The Body Bank here.

This is not a sponsored post. All products were paid for.


  1. I wanted so hard to like Arbonne because I also had a friend who was a consultant, and gave me a trial pack. BUT it made my skin all itchy and flakey. Booooo. I am glad it worked on you though, your skin looks amazing!

    Kirsten |

    1. Oh big boo. At least with a trial pack you can find that out before shelling out for all the products. And thank you, I'm really happy with the results :)

  2. Being all British and that I guess any product related thoughts are out of the window but your skin looks completely magnificent!
    M x


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