Monday, 7 July 2014

Happy Monday

It has been a bit of a mixed bag of a week in Seeking Victory land. There were some truly lovely things as you will see below but also a funeral, illness of loved ones, multiple days in a row of puffy eyes from too much crying, feeling lost and floundering about in the big scary universe. But Happy Monday is all about finding the happy (especially when it seems like it is hiding) so let's dive right in.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Seeing these little guys. It is winter, and it has been damn cold (significant wind chill!) yet these fellas popped up in a grey day to remind me to smile. They are clearly delusional and all kinds of cray cray but that's Melbourne for you.
rose winter day pink and yellow

snugglepot cuddlepie flowers gumnut

:: I advertised on Cider with Rosie this month and have had a lot of her delightful readers pop by and leave sweet comments on my blog. If you want to read her interview with me you can check it out here.

:: Not far from my house, just before you get to the main cafe strip is a pretty little wall. On the pretty little wall is a tiny little cupboard. Inside the tiny little cupboard are books of all kinds that you can borrow, or keep and swap for books you no longer want. The Flemington Tiny Library makes me happy every time I walk past- that it exists, that it is always filled with books and that I live in a neighbourhood where people respect and share, and read. I don't always look inside but over the last few years we have borrowed a couple, swapped a couple and every now and then the right book is sitting there waiting for me.
flemington tiny library books

:: Tuesday night after a twelve hour day at the Pharmacy, this was on my doorstep
My amazing friend made me some business cards for Seeking Victory, reminding me that she believes in me and I need to keep on seeking :)

:: Dinner at the house of a new friend. One of those people I met and like instantly (I'm pretty guarded, so this is unusual). Crushes, even the friend type are pretty cool.

:: Making this amazing and easy Teriyaki salmon rice bowl from one of my favourite local blogs, A Splash of Vanilla. It is my go-to when I want something healthy and comforting. If you get organised you can whip it up in about 20 minutes too.

Hang on. I nearly got through a Happy Monday without a food picture. How remiss of me.

:: Lamingtons are one of my favourite cakes but it is hard to get good ones. This was a SERIOUSLY good one from my favourite little bakeshop, Beatrix.

Non-Aussie readers- have you tried a lamington before? Would you be interested in a recipe? They are delightfully messy to make (and great fun for little people to help with).


  1. Awww what a lovely gift and surprise from your friend :)

  2. The Flemington Tiny Library is such a gorgeous idea!

    1. Isn't it. Amazing stuff, I've no idea who the kindred spirit is that started it.

  3. THAT CAKE! *heart-eyes*

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss; I lost my grandfather recently and had to attend his funeral, and know ALL too well how heartbreaking it can be. Here's to a much better week ahead for you!

    1. Thank you. Funerals are just so full-on, even if you think you are going to be fine- well, I never am. The first funeral I went to was my grandfather's and I said the eulogy. I just remember standing in front of people, not being able to breathe and having the mental image of rolling down a hill, like I used to do in his backyard as a littleun.

  4. I'm really sorry the universe is being a bugger, sending you all the happy thoughts.
    This post amidst that is just lovely though! I'm going to steal the tiny library idea for my new neighbours :o)
    And I do not know what a Lammington is but I know I need one in my life - hell yeah to a recipe.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Recipe on its way. I'm rather hoping I can borrow somebody's small person to help and make for some seriously cute pictures too.

  5. Oh losing your friend's mum must be so hard - she sounded like an amazing woman. My close friends I grew up with, their mums were like my own so I really feel it's a loss for you as well. The universe can be a scary place sometimes, as I get older I realise that. Look after yourself

    Oh thanks for mentioning the rice bowl! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And that sweet little tiny library! I always think how great it is that Melbourne is so community oriented.

  6. Looks like you've had a rollercoaster ride over the last couple of weeks. The important thing is to be supportive to one another and you are so I hope happier events come your way soon.

    What is the flower in the second picture you posted, it's really unusual.

    1. Thank you.
      The flower is from a Gum tree- an Australian native. They always make me think of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, a beautifully illustrated story that Aussie kids grow up with. Check out this link for an idea of the illustrations- little gumnut babies wearing the flowers I photographed:

    2. Thanks for letting me know about the flower. The colour illustration you shared reminds me of the Flower Fairies prints and poems. I loved them as a little girl, my favourite being this one about the Forget Me Not Fairy

      p.s I'm sorry about your brother's friend, it's horrendous how people are still committing acts of terror, you're right in that way we haven't come very far at all. If it was my brother jetsetting about I'd feel exactly the same as you, and with that I don't think you're selfish to feel that way.

  7. What a great week - so sweet to have received those cards from your friend, it's the little moments that count!

  8. I read your post when you first published it, sorry it's taken me so long to comment, but i wanted you to know that your positive attitude in finding the happy things in an awful week helped me when i was feeling down last week, thank you! Also... that tiny library... super cute! x


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