Saturday, 19 July 2014

Menulog Magic and Giveaway {and Asian Kitchen and Bistro Review}

I had never been a huge fan of takeaway. I just did not get what was so exciting or relaxing about: calling up a restaurant during their peak service time; trying to make your order clear and heard while the staff member has to shout above the din in their restaurant; hoping against hope that you are actually going to get what you thought you ordered (because there is no way you understood what was said when the order was repeated to you); finding a pair of shoes to pull on when you realise that you should have left five minutes ago; debating whether you need to change out of your track pants; waiting in the cold because the food is not quite ready when you arrive- or worse- it was ready early and that trackie change meant that the food is now cold; arriving home, organising drinks, cutlery, plates etc while the food gets colder; realising it would have been much less stress to just knock up an omelette.

But then I discovered Menulog. I remember the evening, it was December 2012 and as we left work late at night my colleague was debating what she wanted for dinner. I assumed she was looking up menus online, which she was, but it was So Much Better. She explained Menulog- you type in your postcode, select delivery or pick up (it's a no-brainer which one you should pick), and a list of restaurants that offer delivery pop up on your screen (and delivery is free with a minimum order value!). The menus are up to date, you pick what you want, place the order, settle into those track pants, pour a glass of wine (because now you don't have to drive anywhere) and magically, a little while later your food arrives. Exciting hey!

Once you have ordered the first time and set up an account you don't even have to enter your details. I have the app on my phone so I can order food wherever I am. Whenever. That is luxury.

For the purposes of this review I ordered food from one of my faves, Asian Kitchen and Bistro. Within 5 minutes I received a text letting me know my food would arrive at 7:28 (about half an hour wait). At 7:23pm there was a knock on my door.

The best way to enjoy thai food is with a floornic

This was a new thing for me- fried tofu, wrapped in perfectly flaky roti and dipped in peanut sauce

I could eat this all day long

Duck in Red Thai Curry- really tender duck with perfectly rendered fat in a not particularly hot curry sauce and lots of vegetables

Phat see ew (also known as Pad see ew) with beef. This is my go-to at every thai restaurant I have ever eaten at and these guys do a top version. Thick rice noodles with vegetables and egg in a sweet soy, slightly tangy sauce.

I am pretty sure that in any other era my life would have been miserable. Hooray for the internet and for Menulog.

Restaurants are jumping on board because, let's face it, they hate those yelled conversations during dinner service too. Check out all the options, because Menulog is kindly giving away 2 x $10 Menulog vouchers to Seeking Victory readers who also value their trackie time.

To win a $10 Menulog voucher please leave a comment below and tell me about your worst takeaway experience. You can also enter on the Seeking Victory Facebook page, just 'Like' and write your comment below the post. Open to all Australian residents, competition closes 27th July.

Giveaway and my dinner provided by Menulog but, as always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I have had a few bad experiences where food did not turn up on time. One such one was Pepperoni pizza where nothing turned up on time and no refund :(

    1. That sounds horrendous. You should name and shame!

  2. I haven't had that many bad experiences with takeaway but the one I can remember was a few years ago with a restaurant here in Brisbane who claimed they delivered (we'd had a few drinks at my place so nobody wanted to drive).

    When I phoned up to order for delivery, the lady argued with me about how they were just down the road and it would be easier if I picked it up! They were a 10 minute drive away and I tried explaining but she kept speaking over me so I gave up and didn't bother with the order. It's a shame because their food was amazing.

    1. Unbelievable. Uber fail. Am I being too mean in saying it doesn't surprise me that it was in Brisbane? :)

  3. I love Menulog - there are so many options in Melbourne it's great.. I even saw a place that delivered a bottle of wine with your pasta! GO MENULOG. p.s This food looks delicious

  4. I forgot to mention my bad takeaway experience! I ordered some thai and as I am vegetarian, I ordered vegetarian meals - when the food arrived (over 60 minutes later) there was chicken in the green curry instead of tofu and the wontons were pork - not vegetarian. Now I am always careful to specify that the food is veggie/tofu and the delivery person didn't believe that I ordered the veggie stuff. I ended up just accepting the meals and my roommates ate them on top of their own food, and I got subway!

    Safe to say I never ordered from them again - how could I risk not getting my tofu and veggie green curry and crispy mushroom wontons?!

    1. Oh man, I would be devastated!
      The brilliant thing about using Menulog is that you would now have a copy of exactly what you ordered so could prove it.

  5. I'm going here for dinner on Saturday night! Let's hope it's still delicious!


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