Thursday, 14 August 2014

10 Steps to Getting Ready in the Morning

The inspiration for this post came from the very talented (and prolific) Vanessa from 26 Years And Counting in her post "10 List Posts To Write When You're Too Tired To Blog". Well, I'm not tired, I am supposed to be studying for an exam but I was a bit inspired to share my mornings with you all because mornings are the best time of the day right?


I can't hear you...

Yeah, I know, I'm not on board with this either because this is how my mornings go:

1. Hit Snooze on the alarm. I repeat this step two or three times until either The Bookworm has a whinge at me or Ted decides to wake up and taps me on the chest to tell me it's time.

2. Slide into my Ted walking clothes. Pretty much always the same clothes (I do wash them occasionally) because I have this one set that is big enough to whack on straight over the top of my pyjamas and save myself that moment of undressed frostiness.

3. Realise that I didn't clean out the coffee pot after making coffee yesterday and get a little stab of bitterness in my heart. Search about for something to dislodge the ice cold hockey puck of yesterday, usually flicking bits of it about the place in the process, all the while vowing to start cleaning it immediately after use. Make coffee. Pour coffee into cup; at which point I am so exhausted and caffeine-starved that I set the pot back in its nook to clean later...

4. Drink second last mouthful of coffee as I stumble across a really interesting and long article I want to read on my phone. But Ted's having none of that, he can tell when I finish my coffee and despite my protestations he knocks the phone out of my hand and nudges me to action.

5. Growl at Ted as he circle-leaps and barks up the driveway past the sleeping neighbour's window, which pretty much has the effect of waking the neighbour with a terrifying guttural half-human half-beast bark-snarl.

6. Chase birds, bail up cats, leap in the air at the excitement of approaching a house with a dog. Well, Ted does these things but I walk him on a lead so I effectively do them too.

7. Remember, as I start to lower the zip on my cardigan, that all I have on underneath is my pink, striped pyjama top with all but two buttons missing.

8. Pick up poo.
Say a silent prayer that the thin film between my hand and the warm smushiness is intact. If it meets this first requirement, sometimes I take a moment to appreciate the warmth on my cold little fingers.

9. Pack my blender with green leafy things, bright fruity things, almond milk, chia and oats.
Turn it on.
Watch the almond milk turn green while everything else stays in a frustrating lump at the top of the blender.
Shake blender.
Turn it on.
Watch almond milk turn purple as it picks up a stray berry or two.
Bash contents of blender with a spoon.
Turn it on.
Repeat shake procedure.
Repeat spoon bashing procedure.
Almost cry with relief as the contents start to homogenise into a lumpy brown sludge.
Look at the clock, note that I should be leaving NOW. Pour sludge into a portable cup to take to work so the boys can make comments like "If you don't live forever after drinking THAT, you're gonna be really pissed off."

10. Simultaneously: Shower, dress, brush teeth, spray garden with bitter stuff so Ted doesn't eat the plants, feed Ted, fill waterbowls, find shoes, pack bag, grab sludge and lunch.
Lock door.
Walk to car.
Have a moment where I can't remember if I locked the back door and turned the gas off after making coffee.
Go back to check.
Lock door.
Drive to work.
Fall asleep at my desk (well, not really, I can't sleep sitting upright).

Are you a morning person?


  1. I am very much a morning person, but I'm also...somehow...a bit of a night owl, so I often end up being realllllly tired in the mornings even though I love em. The part about not cleaning out the coffee pot each day made me laugh. I am a tea drinker but have the same problem with my favorite tea mug--I often forget to wash it for the next morning! At least the added step wakes me up a little bit.

  2. Good thing you have the coffee before step!! Love the list :)

  3. I am not a morning person. Although when I do have to get up early I like being up.... so I guess I should work on that... great post! Love the whole list idea.

  4. You just repeated my mornings minus the pup. Story time: I usually make time to take my food photos in the mornings (secret - I usually photograph leftovers as I'm too hungry to photograph my meals at night plus its dark). So when I get up, I always put my boyfriends blue trackies and big red jumper on. There I am, taking food photos in my comfy as hell clothes, in the early morning, and almost EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a reflection of me, in this same outfit, in the spoons or in the top of my coffee plunger. SO MANY TIMES have I had to crop my red and blue self out of the photos, re-take and ditch the spoons because someone, somewhere, one day will notice I wear the same bright oddly coloured frumpy clothes every time I'm taking my food photos.

    Wow... huge comment but I hope that tells you how I cope with mornings.. cosy clothes and necessity. Bec x

    1. That is very clever Miss Rebecca! I am going to start zooming in on your photos now, looking for the red and blue. I think you should start leaving it in. It'll be like Where's Wally :)

  5. Oooh you're not the Aussie me any more - I'm an uber morning person!!
    I do however frequently stick clothes over my jimjams for the bleary eyed morning walk.
    Love this
    M x


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