Monday, 25 August 2014

Happy Monday

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

The first big, scary WSET Diploma exam went quite well. I was looking so forward to some chill out time but all the things I had been deferring until after the exam mounted up and so this has been a full-on week as well. Today is the first day in about a month I haven't had to do something or be somewhere, so I intend to spend some quality time with Ted and catch up on the last couple of episodes of 'Time of Our Lives' - such a good show! Guilt-free free-time is the best, and such a rare commodity. I probably need to start on my next subject as soon as tomorrow.

Things that made me happy this week:

:: Meeting a new friend. It was a bit of a blind date, a woman I knew from the blogosphere. We arranged to meet for a drink, each told our partners we would probably only be an hour or so. After two and a half hours of some of the most rapid-fire, wide-ranging conversation, we reluctantly wrapped it up amidst promises of catching up again soon. Fun!

:: Posting off my sweet treats for The Sweet Swap - even better than it sounds. I make sweets and post them to three bloggers in Australia and in return get three snail-mail parcels of sweets. I cannot wait for my first treat to arrive and have been anxiously checking the letter box every afternoon. A bit like christmas, the anticipation is possibly even better than the event.

:: Enjoying study-break snuggles with Ted. He is such a darling, he would come and check on me regularly and stay downstairs with me until I was ready to turn in for the night, rather than go to bed when The Bookworm did.

:: Making these perfectly poached eggs.

If you are not talented in the egg-poaching ways then check out these instructions from the experts at Top Paddock.  I realise I may be slightly overdoing the enthusiasm here but if you had had to eat the watery, vinegary, overcooked eggs of my past, you would be excited too.

:: A wine club night and a celebration of an extraordinary woman who is about to start an exciting new chapter of her life. Such an event required the Queen of selfies to be immortalised in a cake.
Quite freaky to eat a slice of cake with your friend's face on it. I had to turn it around so she wasn't watching me eat her.
That last sentence is all kinds of weird.

:: That we had a Robin Williams in the world for quite a long while to give us magic. He enriched the childhood of so many of us and his work onscreen and off won't soon be forgotten. His passing has increased our awareness of the hideous hiding nature of depression and suicide, initiated conversations around the world and hopefully may prevent the loss of others.
There were so many heartfelt tributes the week after he died. This is the one that summed it up for me.
Vale beautiful Robin.

PS. Thank you to all of you who told me to GO BACK TO STUDY. It did the job :)


  1. Hahaha to you hiding from your friend whilst eating her? Also, congratulations on your exam AND those eggs. 10/10! Bec x

  2. Those eggs look so so good!! They definitely make for a happy Monday. I had poached eggs this morning too, and my day has been great! I wonder if eggs are the key to happiness?

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award, cause I reckon you are pretty wonderful. All the details are here:


    1. Oh Sarah, if only eggs were the key to happiness! :)
      Thanks for my award.

  3. It's exciting when you meet someone new and hit it off. Congratulations on your Diploma... fabulous achievement ♥

  4. Congratulations on your exam! And those eggs look lush. Eggs + avocado = bliss.

    (your doggie is so cute) :) :)

  5. I'm not sure a poached egg has ever excited me before... but those look good. What've you got on the top there? Bit of cheese?
    And that tribute to Robin Williams is fantastic!
    M x
    p.s. I can't even look directly at Ted, he's too damn cute and don't get me started on face cakes.

    1. Pecorino dude! Not just any old cheese.


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