Monday, 3 November 2014

Taking Stock: October

No Happy Monday this week because I am madly studying for an exam and although the week has had some nice stuff in it I wanted to plan a little further ahead and schedule this baby in (ahh, the magic of the internet). I often read other taking stock posts and think how mind-healthy they are but have never done one. Something nice to reflect upon in the future too I think.

This list is from Pip of Meet Me At Mikes. I don't know if it is still there, but she used to have a little shop-front in Fitzroy, right around the corner from where I lived. I always meant to pop in, but seemed to always be on the other side of the road at the time. It wasn't 'til much later, when I started reading blogs that I recognised the sign in Pip's blog header. Funny how we notice these little things that grow in significance later. I guess that is a metaphor for life isn't it?

Making : My mind up.
Cooking : Healthy study snacks.
Drinking : Not enough wine and spending more time spitting than swallowing lately.
Reading: About the global wine market.
Wanting: Some time alone with my camera.
Looking: Up far too much information on Google.
Playing: Smack-face with Ted. It's a special game where, oddly, we smack his face. He loves it. Please don't call the RSPCA.
Deciding: To enjoy the little moments.
Wishing: For life to be easy for a little while.
Enjoying: Frozen banana 'soft-serve.'
Waiting: For my slow wifi.
Liking: The warmth of the sun.
Wondering: How long it will be until we are all complaining about how hot it is.
Loving: the gorgeous Spring/Summer range from Pretty Parcel.
Pondering: The future
Considering: A new project I have in the pipeline.
Watching: The sun rise and set.
Hoping: That this feeling of peace I have sticks around.
Marvelling: At all the clever, beautiful people that I know.
Needing: A holiday
Smelling: Not very much, the hayfever is terrible.
Wearing: Dresses whenever I can.
Following: My idols on Twitter
Noticing: The things that made me happy.
Knowing: I have come a long way in a year.
Thinking: About all the things I want to do.
Admiring: Nature. The flowers in my neighbour's gardens and the new growth in the vineyards.
Sorting: Reams of paper into some sort of study notes.
Buying: New sandals
Getting: Fidgety and wanting this exam to be over already.
Bookmarking: So many blog posts I want to read.
Disliking: Ted waking up with the sun.
Opening: Lots of bottles of mineral water.
Giggling: At Ted's antics
Feeling: Optimistic
Snacking: On kale chips, granola and homemade bliss balls.
Coveting: Beautiful Laguiole cutlery
Wishing: On a star
Helping: People with kind words and thoughts.
Hearing: Birds, everywhere

Let me know how you are doing. Pick three and include them in a comment below X


  1. Oooh I love this post! Here are my three...
    Wearing: My favourite new dress to death.
    Enjoying: The beautiful Autumn sunsets.
    Making: A cozy blanket for winter.
    Good luck with your exam lovely! x

  2. THATS THE EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME! I always thought 'whats meet me at mikes?' then once I started this blogging business I connected the dots! Funny. Some lovely things to take stock of. Bec x

    1. Apparently it has closed now which is a bit sad.
      Thank you :)

  3. All the study will be with it in the end. Only a few days to go!
    Drinking: French wine with French friends tonight
    Hoping: that my new foodie adventures work out
    Hearing: lots of noise at the kids swimming lessons!

    1. I had major wine envy when I first read this. New foodie adventures? The ones i know about already or more? Either way, hooray!

  4. Ah study, I forget how much time it can suck away from you! I hope that everything goes well for you, it sounds like you are well prepared. Thanks for the medical advice on Saturday - turns out I have shingles again :(
    I am pretty sure Pip shut her shop down a little while ago :( I would have loved to have seen it.
    Oh what sandals did you buy?
    Ok so here is my three -
    Buying - a Gorman dress that finally went on sale :)
    Needing - a massage, it is on my birthday wishlist
    Reading: Lena Dunham 'Not that kind of Girl'

    I am also drinking lots of mineral water - I love with fresh lime.

    Good luck with the study!! xx

    1. Study is a horrible, evil time-sucking beast. I just hope it is worth it in the end :)
      Sandals were just some cheapish ones on special...none of your gorgeous recommendations unfortunately. The universe is just take take taking from me in a financial sense at the moment.
      That's a good three. Surely someone will jump on the massage voucher as a birthday present.

  5. Drinking: tea, lots of tea
    Reading: some old trashy chick lit novels from 90s/2000s (love them!)
    Wishing: for society to slow down a bit, some things just aren't that important!

    Good luck on your exam chick!

    1. Oh Emma, if only everyone could be like you...
      A lot of people certainly seem to have their priorities a bit skewed.

  6. Making a few mistakes.
    Noticing an exponential wrinkle growth
    Considering calling the RSPCA re smack face.
    M x


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