Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Where Pho Lives {Pho House Review}

Regular readers will know I am on a mission to find west side dining that replaces my faves from Fitzroy. The good news is that I am having some success. Not that long ago I wrote about my Pho place in Fitzroy (with some excellent tips on pronunciation:) and now I've found, perhaps an even better one for the westies (OK, North Westies, I know there are heaps of good Vietnamese joints in Footscray).

Despite walking past Pho House most days it has taken me this long to go. I just checked the dates on Urbanspoon, they have been there over a year. #bloggerfail

The decor is simple, clean and inviting with this absolutely mouth-watering mural.

Some pretty speckie lanterns too.

We ordered the papaya salad to share ($15) with fresh prawns and chicken

Tangy and delicious, this could fast become a staple summer takeaway.

My go-to Pho is always Chicken and Beef  ($10.80 for medium, which was huge)

I need to add that the little side plate of beansprouts, lemon and asian basil came with an ample supply of the latter. I love that stuff.

This was super good pho. The broth was fragrant and really fresh and clean, the beef was still slightly rare as the bowl arrived at the table, and the chicken has a richness that indicates perhaps it was roasted first, delicious. The soup wasn't too salty either and I didn't get the quick-drink-two-litres-of-water post-MSG hangover. I am not sensitive to MSG, in fact I love the stuff, but it was lovely to have a bowl of pho and not have to pee all night. TMI? Sorry.

Service was fast and friendly and you can BYO. What's not to like?

This post was not sponsored, all meals were paid for.

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  1. Yum I love, love Pho!! I have a go to place near work but need to find somewhere closer to home. It is such a comforting meal.

  2. Oooh yum!!! I want to live near you. Gosh I love a big bowl of fresh pho!

  3. Yum! I love Pho too, especially on a cold or windy day as it's so comforting. I'll have to check out this restaurant!

  4. What a cute place. That salad is perfect for a day like this


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